Tuesday, September 28, 2010


WOW! It's been a while since I've been on blogger. I still remember the first try I had at it. I've been thinking maybe I'm not cut out for modeling like those super pretty, super skinny model like girls you see on chictopia. Sure I'm 106, but I'm five feet AND a half. Those girls are like perfect & pretty, so pale, perfect noses, great makeup. Me...I...what DO I have? Almond eyes? Round face? If i put eyeliner on & give a picture the right angle I look like a typical asian girl, which I'm not even asain. I have the attempt of a failed "band". Where so far, the songs we made...really? We have none, but we did make lip syncing videos. That was our best work. I guess I'm not cut out for anything but the typical teenage girl's camwhoring. -shrugs- No big deal. Although that doesn't mean I still can't make my videos. (; Tune in late if you want to know what happens in the next chapter.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I've been modeling for a while. They just haven't been serious modeling. It would always jsut be for fun. Once after I went to Wonderland with my friends Julie, Jancy, Anna & Kosal, we walked to Vaughn Mills after to have some fun. There we past by Garage & I saw they were having a modeling contest, so I decided to take stupid pictures of myself "modeling". That was last year.

I also has to "model" for my friends, Danica, Lisa & Agnes once at Old Navy. We were playing a game of "Ugly outfit". -shivers- A)  I was wearing an ugly outfit that day AND, B) THEY GAVE ME THESE NASTY LOOKING CLOTHING THAT DIDN'T HELP MY BODY SHAPE AT ALL!! ); They suck.
I joke, I love them.

I didn't model alot in the past but now, I am, but for fun. The best unedited picture we have from grade ten is this one;;

Now I plan on modeling better that I'm going into grade 11. I have my own personal photographer, Julie Tu. I'll also do other things. "Become a Fan" was the orignal idea on facebook, but then this project of mine got bigger & bigger. So I'll be like a pretend celeb. (: