Sunday, August 8, 2010


I've been modeling for a while. They just haven't been serious modeling. It would always jsut be for fun. Once after I went to Wonderland with my friends Julie, Jancy, Anna & Kosal, we walked to Vaughn Mills after to have some fun. There we past by Garage & I saw they were having a modeling contest, so I decided to take stupid pictures of myself "modeling". That was last year.

I also has to "model" for my friends, Danica, Lisa & Agnes once at Old Navy. We were playing a game of "Ugly outfit". -shivers- A)  I was wearing an ugly outfit that day AND, B) THEY GAVE ME THESE NASTY LOOKING CLOTHING THAT DIDN'T HELP MY BODY SHAPE AT ALL!! ); They suck.
I joke, I love them.

I didn't model alot in the past but now, I am, but for fun. The best unedited picture we have from grade ten is this one;;

Now I plan on modeling better that I'm going into grade 11. I have my own personal photographer, Julie Tu. I'll also do other things. "Become a Fan" was the orignal idea on facebook, but then this project of mine got bigger & bigger. So I'll be like a pretend celeb. (:

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